Revoking Spiritual Contracts Works!

Revoking spiritual contracts really works!

Yesterday I spoke many declarations like: ‘I revoke and nullify all contracts I have made in any lifetime. I reclaim all the power I have given to any beings. I nullify all curses I have accepted and reclaim all the power I have given to any beings.’ Afterwards, I felt amazing – very powerful and free!

We are free sovereign beings and we are very powerful! We have been tricked into giving away our power by these fraudulent contracts, agreements and oaths we have made or sworn in various lifetimes. Because we believed these contracts had validity, we have willingly given up our power and freedom.

The same goes for curses. We have stumbled into situations or made mistakes and been convinced that we deserve to be cursed for our trespass. Because we believe that we deserved it, we accept the curse as real and give our power away through it. It is and was a trick.  For curses use strong language like, “I break this curse that I falsely accepted as true.  It has no power over me.   I reclaim all the power I have given to this curse and all beings connected to it.  I am free,” or “I break all curses that I have falsely accepted for all time.  They have no power over me.  I reclaim all the power I have given to these curses and all beings connected to them.  I am free.”  That will give you the empowered feeling you need to break free of the false belief you were cursed with.

Some curses involve entities.  If speaking these affirmations or declarations does not give you a feeling of freedom, check out my article on Clearing Entities from Your Energy Field.

Most of this is unconscious for us now. But these affirmations or declarations will wake you up! Try it!

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