Revoking Oaths throughout Time

saranamOaths and pledges of allegiance are still common in our time, but they were much more common in past eras, often involving blood bonds and very serious consequences if the oath was broken.  Oaths are a kind of spiritual contract, but I have found it is very helpful to use affirmations or declarations targeted specifically to oaths.  Use whatever language is powerful for you, but avoid using the phrase, ‘I break this oath,’ since breaking an oath is an emotional trigger that could bring up unconscious fear of consequences.  Use language that revokes and/or nullifies the oaths and declares them to be fraudulent, invalid and/or void from their inception.

Here is my affirmation you can use as a guideline:

“I revoke and nullify all oaths I have made throughout time.  They are and have always been fraudulent, deceptive and invalid.  They have no power over me.  I am unbound.  I reclaim all the power I have given to any oaths and all beings connected to these oaths.  I am a free, powerful, sovereign being of Love.”

After you revoke and/or nullify the oaths, it is important to reclaim the power you have given to them and the beings connected to them.  Also, since we have been in the habit of believing consciously or unconsciously that these oaths do have power over us, it is valuable to make these affirmations or declarations every day or even many times a day until you feel your energy is clear.

Sometimes, there is a particular oath that comes up stubbornly.  In that case focus your affirmations or declarations on that particular oath with as much detail as you can.

This practice has awakened a feeling of great freedom, power and sovereignty within me.

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