A Daily Healing Meditation for You

The first step to healing is to become aware of the Power of Love within you.  I do this by going outside, in the sun preferably, with my bare feet on the earth preferably, and enter a meditative state while standing.  I bring my center of awareness to my heart, and with all the Love I can feel, I send that Love down my spine, through my root chakra, down into the earth, and down, down, down to the heart of Mother Earth.  (Even if you can’t see the energy going down, keep intending it to go down to her center until you feel you have reached her heart.)  Then I wait until I feel her Love return to me, and I allow it to flow throughout my being freely, bringing her healing Love where it is needed and centering in my heart.  Next from my heart I send all my Love up through my spine out the top of my head and up, up, up to the heart of the Sun. (Again, keep intending your energy to go up until you feel or see it reach the heart of the Sun).  Then again I wait until the Sun sends his Love back down to me, allowing it to flow through my body where it is needed and centering in my heart.  This meditation will not only purify your being with Divine Love, it will also allow you to feel one with these two very powerful beings, the Earth and the Sun, which will empower you greatly so you can push out with your Love.

The next step is to go through your chakras one by one and feel/see if they are open or blocked.  If a chakra is block, send your Love there, and push out with your Love both in the front and the back.  Sometimes minor chakras like the sides of the head, the soles of the feet or hands, and even the backs of the knees can be affected to check everywhere.  You can call on angels or guides to help you with this process.  If you are having trouble clearing a particular chakra, try sending out laser beams of Powerful Clearing Love to dissolve anything that is not of Love.  You can also send out high-intensity bursts of Love to clear a chakra and dislodge anything present there.  You can do all these things even if you cannot clearly feel or see any entities.  I recommend practicing this clearing technique at least once a day.  Call it energy hygiene.  Also remember if a chakra (energy center) still feels heavy or blocked after your clearing, you probably have emotions you need to release from that place.  Use your intuition to get in touch with the emotions and let them go.  When I am releasing guilt or shame or fear or self-hate in this way I usually see/feel it as a dark stream of energy flowing out of the affected chakra or chakras.  It usually takes a little while for it to all flow out.

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