Clearing Cords with the Power of Love

saranamI’ve mentioned clearing cords with other beings in previous articles, but I wanted to expand on that, as my guidance and practice have expanded.

When I feel an uncomfortable cord with another being, either embodied or not, the discomfort comes from a feeling of my energy being sucked on or invaded or both.

To clear these cords I have been guided to bless these beings with Love.  That clears my fear and resistance to them, which from my perspective, dissolves the uncomfortable form.  To clear the fear I have to trace the cord back to its owner and find the soul within that being.  That has become very easy to do and happens almost as soon as I intend it.  Every being, no matter how misguided or fearful, has a pure soul eternally connected to the Divine Source.  Once I find that soul (or sometimes several souls if there are multiple beings involved) I can bless the beings with Love, truly, and the cord dissolves.

When I have attempted to bless a being with Love and clear an uncomfortable cord without first finding the pure soul, I have been unsuccessful.  Because until I find the pure soul there is some amount of fear and resistance mixed in with my intention to bless with Love.  I cannot bless the false form or fearful appearance the being projects.  I must bless the true soul in order to dissolve the false form of the cord, because it has been my belief in the false form and my fear of it that has allowed it to exist in my being.

That is the power of perception and belief and Love.

~ Saranam

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