Breaking the Spell

saranamAt this time many of us are being called upon to dispel or clear the illusion we have been living in as if it were real.  Our power is great; it is the power of Love, and with this simple and pure Love we can clear and dissolve all aspects of the illusion that has been falsely spun to make us believe that war and poverty and gross inequality are a normal part of life.

Our task is to clear with Love whatever aspect of this false illusion we are presented with and to release all false aspects of our personality we have formed while believing this illusion was real.

Don’t be alarmed if you are shown horrific or frightful scenes in your dreams or waking visions.  You are being presented with aspects of the false illusion that you are empowered to clear with the Divine Love that flows through you and Is You.  When you wake from such a dream, clear it, dissolve it with your Love.

At this time we are truly breaking a spell that has been woven into this dreamtime we call Earth.  We are empowered to do this at this time.  And we are being assisted by many angels and archangels in this process.

Blessings on your path!


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