Time of Awakening

saranamYou may be feeling strange these days, as I have, as if you’re walking through a lucid dream.  Mother Earth is birthing her renewed self, and the energies are pouring through from above and below changing every aspect of ourselves and this dream we call reality.

My guidance has been to love every part of myself, to seek out any and every part of myself that has been neglected or repressed or in any way denied its full and beautiful freedom of expression, and in this way to love every part of humanity.  We have all made mistakes that have hurt other people.  We have all acted out of fear and delusion.  When you can find forgiveness for yourself and simply love yourself in your imperfection, you can extend that love to everyone, even the very lost souls.  Have you never been lost?  Have you never caused harm?

Love is the way we are going forward.  We may not all stay here, but wherever we are in this universe, we are One.  We are One in Love.



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